EMZOOM - GAC Motor Bahrain - Tasheelat Automotive Company


1.5 Turbo GDI

5 Seater

18.2 KM/L

174 HP


Super low fuel consumption

Powerful performance

Intelligent cabin design

Tech awakening upgraded equipment


Powerful engine driving forward with passion

It takes only 5.9L to travel 100KM

Megastar chassis

High-strength car body structure

Eye-catching stunning design

upgrade your equipment and crush your enemies

Flying-mecha front face design

Beaming-eye LED headlights

Electric hidden door handles

Connects you to a more enjoyable driving style

All-rounded comfy space

Flexible large cabin

18-inch wheel hub + 225/55 R18 tyre

Guarantees your safety no matter where you go

Strong & reiable powertrain

Smart driving automation (ADAS)

Airbag safety design

L2 advanced driving assistance system


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GAC Motor Bahrain - Tasheelat Automotive Company