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Legal Terms

Website of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GAC MOTOR)! 

Before using this website, please read every provisions of this statement carefully. Once you link, visit or use (directly or indirectly) this website, you will accept this statement unconditionally and you are considered as committing to comply with provisions of this statement and applicable laws. 

  1. GAC MOTOR has the copyright of this website, which covers but not limited to the domain name, text, graphics, audio visual, images, logo, ideas and software and so on contained in this website. 
  2. You may visit and read all the information in this website. It is prohibited to duplicate, copy, alter, quote, reproduce, publish, release or distribute or make mirror images on servers not belonging to GAC MOTOR of the information contained in this website wholly or partially, without prior written consent of GAC MOTOR. Anyone violating such prohibition will be held legally responsible. 
  3. The above statement of copyright does not include the contents in other website to which this website links. This website is not responsible for the contents of other linked websites. And the links to other websites are only for convenience of the user of this website. 
  4. In the event that anyone complains that part of the information of this website infringes its copyright, please inform us in writing by means of “statement of rights” and provide identity certification, ownership certificates and evidence of infringement. We will handle in accordance with law. 
  1. All the information contained in this website (including text, pictures, product prices, product index etc.) are only provided for your convenience and does not supersede the relevant information about this company which you obtained through any other legal means. 
  2. All the information in this website shall be general information in any circumstances and has no legal force. GAC MOTOR shall have the right to alter any information in this website or withdraw any content from this website unilaterally according to the needs of the company without giving any notice. 
  3. GAC MOTOR makes no undertakings to the accuracy, completeness and effectiveness of the information of this website and does not implicitly or expressly guarantee any contents of this website. 
  4. Images, specifications, and information posted on this website may differ from the available in the showroom. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our showroom for more information.
  1. The hyperlinks in this website are only set for your convenience and can link to independent internet websites. GAC MOTOR does not guarantee nor be responsible for the accuracy, completeness and authenticity of the information contained in the internet websites to which these hyperlink link or other websites. 

This website does not guarantee: 

  1. This website is free from errors currently or in future; 
  2. This website contains no computer virus or any other harmful contents currently or in future; 
  3. This website will always run timely and safely without interrupts. GAC MOTOR clearly states that we will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, subsequent or special loss occurred after connecting or using this website, including but not limited to the loss caused by the affect of the virus to your computer facilities or the loss caused by reliance on the information obtained from this website. 
  1. GAC MOTOR retains the right to upgrade this statement from time to time according to its needs and the latest statement revised shall prevail. 
  1. GAC MOTOR has the final right to interpret the above statement and the use of this website. 
  2. Any matters uncovered by this statement shall comply with applicable laws and regulations. 
  3. The laws of PRC shall be applicable to the disputes arising from this statement or the use of this website.  
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